Every January New York City is over run by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference – hundreds of presenters all looking for their next big act, and thousands of performers all looking for their next gig. As an emerging artist I wonder the value of presenting something during this period of time. Most showcases and performances are unpaid, meaning I would have to take on all the costs of presenting my work and pray that a gig will come of it. As a Marketing Director I understand the value of just getting the work out there, the more people that see it the better. As the book keeper for mvworks I say absolutely not – we can’t afford it. As the artist who just wants to show her work I say go for it. And then there is their is the part of me that says what if I go through all the work to get a show up and then no one comes. At this point in my process and my career I don’t think there is a right answer, it all comes down to a simple question – What can I actually manage.