The cover story of this mornings’ AM New York “Starving for Artists – Pricey city forcing out creative talent” featured a photograph of Robert Elmes in Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg. Those in our little community are well aware of the troubles and tribulations Galapagos has faced with their rising rent, and yet they are just one of many. The article quoted that Manhattan apartment prices rose 6.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007. As a resident of Manhattan who is about to experience a 62 percent increase in rent (and therefore will be moving) I don’t find that statistic shocking. But here we are again talking about the ever constant problem of living, working, and creating in a city that is pushing artists, art centers, and art administrators out. The article quoted that the Arts and Entertainment industry creates 160,300 jobs. Jobs we all know pay what they can but leave hard working employees searching for Ramen noodles as there main food substance. If New York – a city known for culture – continues on this path, art administrators, producers, executives and crews will no longer be able to live within an hour or two of the city, forcing the backbone of the art industry out, and cutting support systems for artists who are also struggling to get by. Before we know it New York City will be nothing but bankers.

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