I am always fascinated by the perspective “time away” gives you.  During the holidays and up until last week I did not tinker with the structure outline of the quintet – this time was spent mainly on administrative projects like fundraising and web development – so when I went back to the drawings last week I could really see things clearly. Since then I have started to move a few sections around, in particular a trio that I envision tucked in the wings so that the audience can only view pieces of it. I’ve also created a few new sections around the ideas of force, patience, and the clarity that is given through slow motion.

It is a certainty that the structure will continue to shift and mold into the final work. This part of the process, the playing around with choreographic structure, may be my favorite part of making work. I love how a fall before a jump means something completely different than a jump before a fall, and how for one work one sequence is best. I look forward to finding out what creates the most meaning for the quintet.