There are two pretty typically cheesy war movies that have impacted my thoughts on the new quintet. The first, Three Kings, starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube is a story of American greed and the search for stolen Kuwait gold in Iraq. Clearly this is not a Band of Brothers quality movie, nor is it meant to be, but it does capture the moment of a woman falling after being shot in the head. The motion of her body, the impact of her weight on the sand, the absence of sound.

The other movie is Behind Enemy Lines featuring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. Owen Wilson acting as a solider trapped alone behind enemy lines in Bosnia is a stretch considering he is best known for his role in the Wedding Crashers but again this movie has a hidden gem. A scene shot in slow motion as a Bosnian soldier is thrown by the blast of a bomb – those few seconds of cinematography are gorgeous. 

Now I do not expect to be able to recreate the magic of Hollywood- nor do I have a team of digital effects people – but I do think that something- perhaps even more powerful – can come from exploring the effects of force in a real time, live experience.