For the dancers first assignment I have asked them to think about their views on current world politics and in particular the war in Iraq. I have come to realize that I am completely detached from any idea of war. 9/11 brought fear and worry but not a sense of danger. I’ve never heard a machine gun, the first time I heard a gun shot I thought it was a car, and I’ve never witnessed anyone injured in a violent act. In most of the world, I live a fairytale life. So when approaching a work based on images of war and genocide, where do I start? Well I am starting by asking a lot of questions – questions of me, of my dancers, of my generation. The answers will provide a foundation for us to move from. We will know how each of us relates to war, how it effects us, and how it makes us feel. These shared thoughts will drive the force of the dance we are creating. They will give it sincerity, integrity, and heart.