I voted with pride today but have to admit a certain uneasy feeling about the whole scenario. Up until yesterday I was deeply undecided. When I went home from work I plopped myself down in front MSNBC and listened for four hours straight. I reviewed my candidates websites, I compared them issue to issue and still could not find comfort in declaring a favorite. Finally, confident that I would not be able to decide I started to get ready for bed. While washing my face I started to sing a little song – those that have lived with me know this is not unusual – by the time I was in bed I had decided. It took MSNBC, hillaryclinton.com, barackobama.com, a candidate selection quiz, wikipedia, and me brushing my teeth to finally conclude that Barack is right for me. If only I knew that tooth paste contained mind clearing drugs I would have just brushed my teeth as soon as I got home.


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