I arrived 30 min late to the rehearsal at DTW as I was running straight from work. It’s a bit frustrating but that is a part of one dancer’s life in NYC.It turned out to be a very exciting evening:
– It seems that we all missed working and moving together
– It is fascinating to me how 4 people can take a brake from a creative process for a year and get back into it feeling as no time have passed
– Once again I realize what an experience the process of creating NOWHERE was
– We are all excited to start working on a new project that is quite different at the base from the last work
– As a group we came up with some interesting material
– It was unusual to be creating in a not-studio environment and I learned that it affects my creativity juices (in a positive way)
– Rug burns are fun!
A thought:
Now there is a whole new point of view and analysis I have when I watch a film about war. I was watching a segment of Clint Eastwood’s “Letters from Iwo Jima” (2006) last night. The scene of airplanes bombing seemed very game and toy like – little toy solders being thrown around from the force of bomb explosions. I wonder if in real war time it is more vivid or more surreal…?