Last Thursday was our last rehearsal at Baryshnikov Arts Center and while it was beautiful to watch the sunset through their large windows, I am glad to be back at mvworks’ artistic home Dance Theater Workshop. No Where was created almost entirely at Dance Theater Workshop, and I can tell you that having a creative home is invaluable. Even simple things like knowing how to make the stereo work make the process so much smoother and allow me to think about the important things.

So far we have the beginnings of two sections, a tight knit trio and a more aggressive broken movement section(I know that is vague, sorry). Both of these sections are building nicely and may end up being connected to one another. This Thursday we will continue to work with the trio, adding on and working to make it travel in a clear direction with out losing any of the movement integrity. The trio contains a good deal of partnering – or perhaps more correctly put, body weight sharing – either way the dancers and I have not worked together like this before and it is exciting to be challenging each other in an new way. Inevitably soreness and bruises may appear, but we are all up for it and in fact are looking forward to it.