Last night’s rehearsal went smoothly. Alli is back from performing with Vanessa Justice and it was great to have all three ladies present. We worked the trio for almost an hour and finally began to realize what works and what doesn’t. The trick with creating a section like the trio is that it requires a lot of repetition (making rehearsals tedious), but I must say that it has paid off – the section has become an eerie, melded, moving mass of bodies that weave in and out of each other in a broken and folded way that calms and disturbs at the same time.

We also worked the movement phrase, last week we took miscellaneous movements out which tightened it up and this week we were able to add on a few more steps. Completing this phrase is going to take a long time – particularly as I seem to only be able to add a few new steps every rehearsal, and not to mention it is hard on dancers bodies so running it over and over again is not an option – but I really enjoy watching it grow slowly over time.

Next week it is on to structure – I need to see what areas are still missing and where other sections fit like slow motion and large sweeping. Soon we will have a rough draft to share! Yay!