I’ve decided that the two additional cast members need to be men. All well in good except that there are few men in the dance field, and even fewer who are interested in a long process and little pay. So in an effort to make my process more appealing to the male gender I am making a list of reasons why working for/with me is the right thing to do. Here are the first few:

1. I pay for rehearsal
2. There is a steady and consistent rehearsal schedule (side stepping any scheduling blues)
3. I work with top notch people who make rehearsing easy
4. I’m generally a well organized choreographer who thrives on feed back, dancer interaction, and collaboration
5. We are a sociable cast – burger and beer night would be required. (if you think this is a negative you need not apply

So if you happen to be male dancer (or know one) and the above list is appealing to you please shoot me an email mvsprenger@gmail.com.