The search for two men is continuous and arduous, but i believe that we are one man closer to completing the cast. Richert Schnorr has been rehearsing with us for the past two weeks and I am very excited about what he brings to the table. He has a clear dedication to process and investigation and is willing to jump right in. We have taught him almost all of the material and next week we will try a run through with him.

Teaching Richert has made me realize a few things. I don’t think of my movement as particularly feminine but while teaching it to him I’ve realized that it assumes “female” characteristics. For instance my movement relies on loose shoulders -men more often than not, have tight shoulders; it assumes a certain back flexibility – again, men more often then not have more stiff backs than women. I’m fascinated with how my movement morphs onto a mans body. How different qualities are accented, how masculinity effects the pulse and feel of the movement. Richert has dove right in and is clearly pushing his boundaries, another quality I admire about him, and the movement looks fantastic.

I am looking forward to seeing how the company coalesces with the addition of one man, and then hopefully another. With the ladies burger and beer night entails gossip and relationship woes ,adding two men to the equation will definitely change that! I guess we won’t know how much until we buy a pitcher.


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