With every process there comes a time when I sit down with a pencil and my choreographic notebook and attempt to draw a dynamic map of the piece as I see it. This process inevitably fails. Below you will see my most recent attempt at this exercise (please forgive the coffee stains). With this piece, I find it particularly challenging because many of the sections’ time duration is dependent on the size and location of the audience. As I watched rehearsal yesterday, I let the frenzied energy of the phrase work wash over me, but I recognized that I needed longer breaks in the down time. This recognition also brought trepidation.

Works whose dynamic map looks like this: make me tired as a viewer and tend to lead to the feeling of multiple endings. Thinking the piece is over two or three times can turn an engaged audience member into one itching to get out of their seat. This is not the effect I am going for. Creating enough mental and physical space for the audience members to interact with the work without fatigue or too much mind wandering is something I have struggled with repetitively. I hope with this work to create phrases that overwhelm the senses, and then to allow for thoughtful intrigue with slow, awkwardly built sections of distorted movement. There is still work to be done. We have the all the elements we just need to set section durations and bring in test audience members to see how it feels to them. In the coming weeks we will be announcing our first work in progress showing, please keep checking in here for details.