Egg South is what we lovingly call my mother and father’s home in Princeton, New Jersey. It comes fully equipped with a small dance room, the peace and quiet of suburbia, and a prompt cocktail hour. This past weekend we all hopped on the train and headed out for a two and a half day residency. The dancers worked hard, there are bruises to prove it, and we accomplished much more than I thought possible.

Most surprising, was the VIP work-in-progress showing that culminated the trip. I invited 10 of our most committed supporters, admittedly a group of people who are not very familiar with contemporary dance, to be our first audience members. As the piece unfolded, I watched their facial reactions, what their hands were doing, and noted their breathing. Every single one of them stuck with it, and not only did they let us push their boundaries, they got it. Their feedback was on point. They understood the intent, had strong opinions about the tone, and found the humanity in the dancers before them. I learned what he have already accomplished, and discovered what we need to do next. Nights like last Sunday are priceless, and I am so grateful for my family, our supporters, and the dancers I am working with.


One Response to “Woo hoo for Egg South and much needed feedback”

  1. Lynn Peterson

    Egg South sounds great Megan!! Congrats on having such a productive weekend for the company in so many ways — it’s great to get that kind of positive momentum at this point in the process.


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