I believe that even the most beautiful movement can leave an audience member unaffected unless it is performed from the inside out, from the heart, from a place of emotional resonance and power. It is when this happens that audiences are swept away. This kind of performing, particularly when dancing in a group, requires guidance from the choreographer. Are the dancers happy? sad? mad? etc. This particular work requires four different personas. The aggressor, the inflicted, and the watcher. These roles can be found anywhere – in your family, at your work place, in war. We are working with each as guide for the emotional intent of the movement.

Some phrases will be performed by multiple personas. That is to say that the same arm movement will feel like an attack in one phrase and like a plea for help in another. In either case I am not defining who the dancers are attacking or asking, each dancer will build their own story that is the most meaningful for them. This personal take will amplify the intention and emotion in each move and will lead to audience members feeling the piece progress instead of just watching it.

If you are coming to any of our work in progress showings please take note of how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way through out the piece. Audience feedback will help us gauge our impact and shape the focus of our upcoming rehearsals.