Now that we have solidfied the beginning and know what we need to do to make it work we are moving on to a new section. This section will provide a softer more poignant look at the characters emotional journey. It will be a solo strongly based in repitition and will be accompanied by both lighting and sound changes.  Right now all of the dancers are learning the movement, I am encouraging them make it their own. Each of them have a different interpretation of the intent, force, and pull of the movement. Watching each of them become more comfortable with the phrase, pushing its boundaries and their own, is one of my favorite parts of the creation process. It allows me to see each them individually and how they are relating with the piece. It allows them to personally connect with the movement and to claim it as theirs. When a performer is dancing a section that they feel is their own, the audience can tell, they are more at ease, more deeply connected, and are able to take risks that they can not when dancing with an ensemble. I am hoping that this section will provide one of the dancers this opportunity, and will give the audience a chance to connect with them on a more personally level.