Creating dance and marketing dance are two extremely different things. As the Director of Marketing for Dance Theater Workshop I am used to marketing other artists work, but when it comes to marketing my own I end up in endless internal cyclical conversations.

For instance, the inspiration for this work is a series of lithographs by Jacob Landau, The Holocaust Suite. I am sure that if I marketed the work as an exploration of Jacob Landau and the imagery he created of the Holocaust I would get a more religiously diverse audience than if I marketed the piece as a dance exploring  three characters of conflict; the aggressor, the inflicted, and the witness. Both are true. Both would bring in new audiences. One would lead to very specific connotations of the movement, the other would allow for a broader range of interpretation. Either of these would be okay however I am not making a dance about the Holocaust or Jacob Landau. Is it appropriate to market the work with an angle that was only used as a starting point? My marketing self says yes, my artist self says no and around and around we go.

Because of conversations like this, I have yet to decide how I am going to talk about the work, or how I am going to marketing it to different constiuencies but I will have to decide soon as deadlines are approaching.