mvworks’ first round of work-in-progress showings is over. We’ve presented our ideas to a small group at Egg South, audiences of 20 -30 at THROW at The Chocolate Factory, and most recently at Fridays at Noon at the 92nd Street Y. Each of these showings provided valuable feedback and new information. Looking back at all of the feedback there are three clear ideas that we will be working on:

– pushing the duration of each section to create the strongest impact

– developing a way to move the audience when necessary

– building a strong connection with the audience through eye contact, proximity, and movement content

I am confident and excited that we’ve created a very strong foundation that is already effecting audiences. Each group commented on the intensity of the piece and the desire to see more.  I believe that if we expand on each existing section and continue to work to make the intention of the movement phrases clear and consice we will end up with a dance that is powerful and affecting. In the coming weeks I will post video and images so we can compare from the video I posted a few months ago. I think you will find the movement changed from steps and arm gestures to phrases with intention, impact and purpose. More soon!