The holidays are upon us and with them comes a welcome slow down in mvworks’ rehearsal schedule. This break is a crucial part of our creative process. Allowing us to take a step back and return to the work with fresh eyes and bodies. This perspective creates room for critical editing, the most important part of the process. A piece that goes on too long is a choreographers worst enemy.

We currently have 35 minutes of the piece and are working on building in a few new sections for smooth transitions and are workshoping the “back end” of the work . [The back end is our version of character development. While we are not creating a narrative or chronological storyline, we are building specific intent. All of the dancers will be moving from the same emotional place.] During the next three rehearsals we will solidify the order and begin to set the timing of each section so that when we come back in January we can edit and then move on to the end.

The pace of development from January on will increase as all of the collaborators begin to come into play. Sound, light, set, and costume will all start to influence the final polishing and creation process.  These are the months when the piece takes shape and takes on a life of its own. I’m looking forward to ride!