As promised here are the next two characters – the watcher and the fighter.

Here is Richert as the fighter: a person injured or harmed by the aggressor who is fighting back – hope.

And Maria and the watcher: a bystander, someone who can see what is happening between the aggressor and the inflicted or fighter and has chosen to not get involved – nonchalant, insipid.

The differences between these two characters is less visible. Richert is swifter, Maria softer. But an audience member may not immediately reckognize the dancers are moving from different intentions, one might think Richert is dancing as Richert and Maria as Maria. The subtleties will become clearer as we dig deeper into the characters, but even if they don’t I don’t think I mind. There’s something interesting about the fact that someone who is disengaged, task oriented, looks the same as some one who is hoping each movement will make a difference. I realize that without extensive program notes the cast and you blog readers will be the only ones who know this but I still find it fascinating.

In the end I think this phrase is best built for the aggressor and fighter roles. Both of these characters show the movement the clearest and add the extra kick or spice it really needs. That said, you’ll be seeing all four versions in the final work.