We have had four week off and now it is off to the races. On Thursday Alli, Richert and I dove back into the dance and next week the whole crew is back together. Over the break the production team and I met and everyone is gearing up for the show. I’ve also finally titled the work: …within us. Publicity images have been sent to PS122 and the programming team is finalizing the tech and performance dates. Before you know it the show will be opening.

These next few months are crucial. All of the peices of the puzzle begin to come together. Lights, sound, costumes, set, and the movement all need to inspired by the same idea and all need to compliment and contrast each other at the right moments. Each of us will continue to work on our respective sections and then we will start to combine everything in March and April but we won’t truly know the power of the whole until we get into the theater in May. This is why trusting your creative team is paramount and I am lucky to have the best of the best working on this project.

Lighting: Joe Levasseur
Set: Brad Kisicki
Sound: Jason Sebastian
Costumes: Mary McKenzie

Once the dancers and I have found our rhythm again I’ll be posting a few open rehearsal dates in February. I hope you all will be able to come in and contribute to our process.

Until next week…


2 Responses to “Giddy Up.”

  1. Sara

    yay! i’d love to check out a rehearsal once you are ready. know you are excited to have the whole group back next week.


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