It’s official. The No Where crew flies out Feb 19th via USAirways to Indianapolis, Indiana. We are going to teach a 15 minute version of No Where to the students at Anderson University through their Guest Artist Program.

I am so excited about this opportunity to revisit the work and reimagine it with a new group of dancers. Alli, Maria, Tara and I are all pulling out the old notebooks and images of Gregory Crewdson. It’s fascinating how time changes your prespective. The images that inspired the work are just as powerful as they were three years ago, but they seem to say something different now. I’ve supperimosed the stories that we created on Crewdson’s photos. In the woman in the bedroom, I see Maria. In the woman in the yard, I see Tara, and in the kitchen is Alli. The richness of each environment fills me. The math that structured the work may not come back as easily but all we really need is the potency of each character. That is what people see and what they remember.