Not many people know that I choreograph sitting down. I do this for many reasons, first, the dancers in my head have no limitations. I can imagine the most impossible phrase, write it down, and then try to replicate it on my dancers. This pushes us much further than we would push ourselves. Second and directly related to the first, I never throw out movement because I can’t do it. Seeing as I rarely perform in my own work, making movement on myself doesn’t make much sense and this prevents me from choreographing movement just because I like it, or because it feels good on my body. The third reason I choreograph sitting down is much more practical.  I have been choreographing for about 13 years including school productions etc. Through out these same 13 years I have had 4 orthopedic surgeries on my left leg. Each recovery was different, and I am currently recovering from my last surgery, but each time I have been in the process of making work. Weather I was choreographing for Princeton Ballet’s Summer Program, my senior thesis at Purchase College, or my second New York season at PS 122,  I’ve been doing it down a leg and plus two crutches.

Fun pics from my current surgery/recovery:

Working with people you trust during times when you are laying low is absolutely critical, and thankfully I do. This past Thursday all four dancers and Mary (costumes), and Joe (lights) rehearsed at Dance Theater Workshop. Everyone, particularly the dancers came ready and prepared. I will admit that I was relived to see the dancers remember the movement so quickly. We were able to run the piece twice and give Joe and Mary a pretty good idea of how the piece is shaping up. We have a clear idea of what steps we will be taking next and have scheduling our first open rehearsal.

…within us. Open Rehearsal
Thursday, February 26th
6:30 – 8:00pm
Dance Theater Workshop
219 West 19th Street [directions]



2 Responses to “The things you can do while sitting down”

  1. Megan

    Tell me about it. 🙂 But honestly things are going well. I’m in physical therapy and almost walking normally. So it won’t be long before I’m dancing around like a fool again.


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