Yep that’s the sound of us backing up. Today in rehearsal I realized that I was trying to push ahead to fast. I am so eager to see the whole picture, to know how the piece begins and ends that I almost mucked the whole thing up by making arbitrary choices just to HAVE an end. Inevitably it would have been the wrong one, and I would have just wasted time. Instead, we are going to do more digging into the 20 – 25 minutes we already have.

This realization came after I asked the dancers to walk through the dance and think about their personal relationship with the movement and how I have asked them to feel at certain times. While I watched them on their individual journeys it became clear that entire transitions were missing, are missing. After the run we sat down (I was already sitting – see previous post) and starting talking through what worked and what didn’t. We all agreed that there are three distinct places that need more choreographic love. I also recognized a few decisions I made earlier in the process for trial and error purposes that were never re-examined.

A couple of things we were able to clarify in the remaining 30 minutes of rehearsal. The rest will take a few weeks. Thankfully for the next month we have two rehearsals a week so we can work on the movement in one and on the back end in the other. I went into rehearsal hoping to plow through to the end. Funny thing is, even though it wasn’t in the way I originally intended, we did find the end. It lives in the work we have already done, we just have to dig it out.