I just finished this promo reel for …within us. and I would love to know what people think before I send it to the venue. So have at it my few but loyal blog readers….

3 Responses to “Promo Reel – what do you think?”

  1. Vallejo

    Ahh but you assume the venue does not have a google alert on its own name which throws the blog straight to it. We’ve put it on the website, facebook, myspace, digg and everywhere else already.


    Its good, I would give a few longer moments of movement – at the moment there is lots of set up – blurry, building shotss etc, then the dancing itself looks just fluid / improvisatory which feels as if it lacks edge. It could also be a bit longer – the shadows and the guy in the white t shirt getting up are the only clear pics we get, and they feel to rehearsed. A detail or closeup of the jerky arms we see in the group standing still might be good for instance instead.


  2. Vallejo

    Or – a stop out of the blur into the moment (from the rehearsal vid) where the four all twist / lean left (our left, not theirs).

    THis would punctuate it better.


  3. Megan

    yes, foiled by the google alert.

    I agree about it needing more movement, particularly more rugged, contorted movement. I’ll shot some more footage and plop it in.



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