Alli, Maria, Tara and I returned home yesterday after spending the weekend in Anderson, Indiana teaching an excerpt of No Where to dance students at Anderson University. All of us were extremely impressed by the students there, particularly the three young women we cast.

Meet Jamie, Kristen, and Audrey photographed with their corresponding original cast member.

These three ladies dove right in, learning the movement, the emotional backend, and the concept of the work. As strange and unfamiliar as the work was to them, they went for it, and by the end of day one they had already become the characters in No Where. We spent day two working on timing, interelation and movement integrity. For the next four weeks they will fine tune their characters and timing with Debi (their professor and my dear friend). I can’t wait to go back and see their performance. To see how far they were able to push themselves and the work.


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  1. terrencebrooks

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