On February 26th ten people came to our first open rehearsal. The weight of 20 new eyes watching the dance gave me new perspective. The feedback provided insight into what was working and what I could let go. Since then we have have been plowing ahead with small but significant changes to the order, quality of movement, and length of certain sections. This past Thursday we ran it with all of the new tweaks, and presto, breakthrough. The piece is clearer, stronger, and more efficient.

Next week I am planning to add on. To build on top of the stronger base. The two main tasks we have in front of us now are 1. to extend the dramatic arch of the entire piece and 2. to create a strong ending. Next week we will start by extending the section with the highest intensity.

I am most concerned with the ending. There are several ways it could go. But finding the one, the one that will do the rest of piece justice, that is the one I want to find. Endings tend to be elusive. They take their time, and then slowly reveal themselves. With nine weeks to go to show week we will certainly find it.