We are entering the final count down! Four weeks until load in and all parties are hard at work. The set is being built, sound designed and recorded, fabric bought, lighting plots made, and sore muscles soothed. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the dance continues to take shape. We recently restructured the order and the new format works much better. This version allows for three distinct sections that mesh with the transformation of the set. We also added a new section and took out a duet that was not working. In addition to these changes, there are three other sections I need to add on to: a trio with the three women, a duet with Alli and Richert, and a section along the walls. This week we have one short rehearsal so we will be running the dance and working on the new section I added last week. Next week = go week. We have to expand on the three sections I mentioned and bring the peice to a close. If we can accomplish all of this on time, we will have two weeks to clean the dance and hone each section’s intention and purpose. All of this is to say we are in good shape, but we still have to keep our feet to the fire. More soon.