According to FaceBook I am most like Doris Humphrey as a choreographer!
This is what they said:
You are Doris Humphrey, the “architect” choreographer and one of the pioneers of American modern dance. A choreographic master, theoretician, and creator of the technique known as “fall and recovery,” your style demonstrated an unerring sense of form, as well as an interest in large-scale abstract works. Your work was among the most driving forms of social criticism in the 1920s and 30s and paved the way for choreographic theories still in use today. Your dance career was ended abruptly due to arthritis in the hip, probably related to your obsession with contorting the body into insane positions.”
I will admit I love being compare to master, but who wouldn’t, and I can definitely foresee my career ending abruptly due to bodily injury…as for the rest of it we will just have to wait and see!