As …within us. follow up continues, I have begun thinking about what comes next. I continue to be intrigued by audience and performer proximity, and how these roles somehow make the necessary diameter of personal space larger. With this in mind, I’m considering a less invasive approach but with an increased audience to performer ratio. What happens if every audience member has a their own “soloist”? Someone that they get to know briefly. Do they become more invested in that dancers performance?

In addition to this idea I’ve  been thinking about creating a broader movement vocabulary with less tension.  As someone who trained classically for over 20 years, I think I had to abandon technical movement to find my own voice. I’m not sure that I am competely ready to dive back into technically driven work – I still feel that I can find a more honest expression in a  less polished movement style  – but I do want to start developing a broader range of phrase work. The floor phrase in …within us. I think was sucessful in this,  now I just have to find/create 50 more minutes of that kind of movement.