It’s funny how the little things make the big things official.

Today I bought three new moleskine notebooks and a wallet explicitly for the company. These small things are the beginning of our next work. YAY! I am so excited to start putting what’s in my head on paper. Not only does the act of documenting my thoughts make them official it also makes room for new ideas.

First on paper will notes on what makes movement authentic, and ideas on how I can find my dancers authentic movement without asking them choreograph for themselves. This is crucial to our next process. I’m thinking that its core the dance will about how individuals have a tendency to conform. How unpopular philosophies are unpopular because most people don’t want to admit they believe in them. Or maybe more to the point, that people just don’t want to be alone, and to protect that, they become more like the people around them.

Of course now that I’ve written these ideas down in a public arena the dance will end up being about kittens! So don’t hold me to it.

More soon.