Thanks to my lovely parents the set has arrived, my fabulous team has hung the speakers, lights, and drape, and the dancers worked their butts off. I’m still working at 2am. Yes, I do believe we have completed the task of load in.

I love working in the theater. Set pieces and theater seats instead of a desk and chair, speakers and lights instead of copy and fax machines, sweat instead of carpal tunnel. There is nothing quite like it, though I imagine a chef feels the same way about a gourmet kitchen. I seem to find a particular calm in the theater. Even if we are behind, or if something goes completely wrong, I know it will all work out. And, it always does.

I wish I had this level headedness in other aspects of my life. For those of you that know me, you know that I tend to over plan, want everything, and tend to stress easily if my plans and or systems are interrupted. Maybe all I need is more time in a theater. There’s a new years resolution…spend more time in a theater as my artist self. I think I can manage that.

Forgot why I was in a theater?
…within us.
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Jan 6 at 6:30pm
Jan 8 at 9:30pm
Jan 9 at 4:30pm

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