Well, my first true APAP experience was everything everyone said it would be. It was crazy, exhausting, full of opportunity (which you have to hunt down like a bloodhound sniffing, running, sniffing, running), and inevitably always requiring a cab/blackberry/lunch on the run. But even though there are visible bags under my eyes and my back and legs are tired, it was completely worth it. I danced, watched my dance unfold in front of dance legends, and I networked with the best of them. I am grateful for the opportunity, hopeful that more people will associate my name with quality work (weather they liked it or not), and I’m excited to harness this energy and let it propel us into our next process. Speaking of our next process… here is our updated blurb:

mvworks is currently working on a new evening length piece that will explore the contrasting ideas of independence, community, love, religion, and conformity. We will look at the power of the individual and the danger of the mass, while not forgetting the fear of being alone. The work will continue our investigation into audience and performer relationships, kinetic transfer, and will utilize a wide-ranging movement vocabulary from technically based phrases to an unpolished movement style.