The time has come to hire two new dancers.

here is what I’m looking for:

1. man or woman

2. interested in collaboration, but can take direction

3. values both physical and emotional rigor in performance

4. available for weekly rehearsals, a residency or two

5. appreciates long creative processes (my is around 2 years)

here is what I provide:

1. paid rehearsals, residencies, tech rehearsals, and performances

2. a thoughtful process that will push your limits, but will pay off

3. a pre-existing group of wonderful dancers who are eager to get to know you (Alli Ruszkowski, Richert Schnorr, Tara O’Con, Kendra Portier)

4. bonding over burgers and beer (vegetarians allowed)

5. as much visibility for you and our work as I can possibly muster

If interested please email me at