mvworks just turned 5! Honestly I can’t believe it, but if we were founded in 2005 (which we were) then it is so and there are so many people to thank.

mvworks has been and is blessed with amazing dancers (Alli, Kendra, Michael, Maria, Tara, Richert, Yarden), kick ass designers (AaronBrad, Jason, Joe, Mary), loyal donors (huge thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sprenger and Mr. and Mrs. D’Augusta more amazingness here), and courageous audiences. What else could a choreographer ask for? Well, I’m asking for more. These past five years were just the beginning. mvworks is larger and stronger than ever, and we are headed with full force into the next five. Join us as we raise a glass and celebrate our accomplishments and work to bring powerful performance to every single person willing to experience it.