We have begun a search for genuine movement vocabulary for each dancer. Our current process entails journaling, movement investigation, and show and tell. Our strategy involves using self recognition (of positive and negative traits) while dancing to produce the purest sharing of ourselves with the audience.

At the beginning of each rehearsal we write down a list of traits we both like and dislike about ourselves. We investigate these traits for 30 – 45 minutes through movement improvisation. Then we watch each of our movement phrases and tell the dancer what we saw. At this stage in the process the dancer is not allowed to share the traits they are working with. This feedback system gives the dancer the ability to hear what is being portrayed solely through movement without the viewer overlaying their personal representations of their traits.  For example, if someone is working with strength but we see stubborness or anger, the dancer can continue to look for a truer expression. If we know we are looking for strength, we may see it.

Eventually, once the movement vocabulary has been refined and structured, we will share our traits with each other. We will then begin a similar process but one structured for a group a people.