Once again our creative residency in Princeton, NJ was a success. We worked hard, relaxed, and received excellent feedback on our new work-in-progress.  I can not thank our gracious hosts enough. As always they were beyond hospitable, and everyone felt completely at home.

At the end of the residency, we showed around 30 minutes of work varying from quiet duets to busy quintets full of texture and counterpoint. At first, I was concerned that the heart of the work was still missing. I was glad to hear during our feedback, that the audience had connected with the piece ,and that while it still needs some editing and clarification, it’s core is clear.

During our next few rehearsals we will focus on adding onto sections that resonated with the audience including a duet between Michael and Tara.  We  will continue to dig deeper into the layering of the work, ensuring that crucial moments can be seen and that the loose nature of the piece works for us, and not against us. I am delighted with what we have created. And am extremely pleased to hear how audiences are receiving the work. I can’t wait for our next showing.