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mvworks is looking for two new dancers!

Saturday, July 7th 5 – 7pm
DANY Studios, Studio 1

About mvworks upcoming project:
Premiereing in fall of 2013, mvworks new evening length project explores authentic movement, genuine performance, and our base need to feel connected to one another. The work will continue our investigation into the audience performer relationship, kinetic transfer, and will utilize a wide-ranging movement vocabulary from technically based phrases to an unpolished movement style.

What we are looking for:

  • Committed performers willing to take a variety of risks (physically, mentally, emotionally…) or put another way, performers who value both physical and emotional rigor in performance
  • Technically sophisticated movers
  • Open minded, kind souls who appreciate the power of movement and collaboration
  • Proactive communicators both inside and outside of the studio

It has been an absolute privilege to work for mvworks over the past month! Megan Sprenger is incredibly knowledgeable and has taught me so much about both arts administration and running one’s own dance company. As mvworks’ first intern, I completed many tasks, such as helping with the compilation and revisions of the annual report, launching the portrait project on the blog, researching dance venues and space grants for the company, and maintaining regular email correspondence with the dancers. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to assist at the New York Live Arts press conference, during which I learned about the PR side of the dance world. It was so amazing to see how Megan juggles her job at NYLA while creating new work for her company. On the final day of my internship, Megan showed me how she organizes everything for the company, from press kits to props and costumes and everything in between. I never realized how much goes into running a company, so this was truly eye opening. Megan and I also took Kendra Portier’s contemporary class at Dance New Amsterdam the past three Saturdays, which was wonderful! Kendra is such an encouraging teacher and she is truly inspirational. Similarly, Megan has really inspired me to further explore arts administration and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity!

Signing off for now,
Maddie Kurtz

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Once again our creative residency in Princeton, NJ was a success. We worked hard, relaxed, and received excellent feedback on our new work-in-progress.  I can not thank our gracious hosts enough. As always they were beyond hospitable, and everyone felt completely at home.

At the end of the residency, we showed around 30 minutes of work varying from quiet duets to busy quintets full of texture and counterpoint. At first, I was concerned that the heart of the work was still missing. I was glad to hear during our feedback, that the audience had connected with the piece ,and that while it still needs some editing and clarification, it’s core is clear.

During our next few rehearsals we will focus on adding onto sections that resonated with the audience including a duet between Michael and Tara.  We  will continue to dig deeper into the layering of the work, ensuring that crucial moments can be seen and that the loose nature of the piece works for us, and not against us. I am delighted with what we have created. And am extremely pleased to hear how audiences are receiving the work. I can’t wait for our next showing.

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mvworks is busy this fall with work from NYC to Coyoacán, Mexico! This weekend we head to Princeton, New Jersey for our cherished Egg South Residency. Kendra, Michael, and Yarden will be joining us for the first time and Tara and Alli know the drill. I am counting the days until we leave. Egg South has repeatedly been a time of great discovery, forward motion, and laughter.

Up until this point we have been in heavy research and development. Creating movement, duets, trios, solos and trying different combinations of all of the above. This weekend  we will try several different choreographic structures and then show a small group of loyal supporters what we’ve come up with. I look forward to getting more feedback, and getting the dancers in front of another audience. Watch out Banyan Rd. here we come!

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It is true. Nothing bonds a group of people more than a little alcohol (ok, 4 pitchers of beer) and good (greasy) food. Last Sunday, mvworks 5 gathered for our first burgers and beer, and once again McMannus did  not disappoint.

I can not express how confident I am in the current company. New, old, and in between, all of the dancers are committed, genuinely interested, and working toward the same goal. Every Wednesday morning I am grateful for their presence and their willingness to do the work required to create a piece anchored in their ability to be themselves.

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